Marketing Sonar logoIf you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think. -- David Ogilvy
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Detect and Define Your Target With Strategic Sonar

Marketing Sonar's unique strategic research methods can detect and define the characteristics of your target audience. We improve the way you speak with prospects and customers. Our strategic research delivers sound insight into way targets think and behave, so your message stays on track and hits its target.

Strategic Research

Target Market Language Study

In today's world, our messages to prospects must be as concise as possible. However, our "language short-hand" (use of abbreviations, acronyms and industry buzzwords) has actually disconnected our brands from prospects.

Marketing Sonar's language study explores the terms, language and semantics that prevent your message from reaching its target. As a result, you will see definitive improvements. You will become more fluent in the language and behaviors of your target markets. Prospects will understand you, and consider purchasing your brand. In addition, current customers will consider purchasing additional products or services.

Target Market Segmentation

Marketing Sonar's target market segmentation analysis and recommendation will help maximize the reach and consideration of your brand. We drill down to identify all prospect decision-makers, influencers and approvers of your product/service purchase. We also identify the characteristics, fears and motivations of each role. This feeds into your strategic communications plan.

Value Proposition

Based on the target market segments identified above, Marketing Sonar will create value propositions for your business customized to appeal to each distinct segment. These value propositions improve your targeting ability by casting your net around the correct target audience, points of differentiation and scope of offering. This enables you to send more concise messages with increased impact.

Contact Us to get an accurate read on your target audience.