Marketing Sonar logoPeople don't want to be 'marketed TO'; they want to be 'communicated WITH.' -- Flint McGlaughlin
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Reach Your Target and Respond with Communication Sonar

Marketing Sonar can create or refine your marketing communications strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your message. We'll develop a customized plan to help your business reach its potential throughout the buying cycle.

Strategic Communications

Communications Audit

Marketing Sonar will review your current marketing communications pieces to determine the clarity and persuasiveness of your materials. We will check for differentiation, appeal to the target market set based on language use, ease of online navigation (where applicable) and quick audience connection, as well as how well your pieces nurture or prompt your prospects to action.

Buying Cycle Communications

Marketing Sonar communication consultants are available to help your team create effective communications that propel and nurture prospects through the buying cycle. Whether you need to develop brand equity programs, launch a new product or enter into a new market or industry, Marketing Sonar will help you speak fluently in the language of your target audience and improve your written and interpersonal impact. Use our expertise to create communication materials that resonate with prospects and customers.

Contact Us to learn how we can improve your communication programs.