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Identifying best customers defines the best prospects

Although on the surface it appears that Acquisition and Retention efforts are distinct and separate strategies, to achieve business success, the two must be so tightly linked that each supports the other.

Attract new prospects using endorsements

The Marketing Sonar Customer Retention program provides a unique and valuable benefit—not only does it help you retain the customers you already have, but it provides great tools to attract and nurture prospects. Customer endorsements are the magic dust that creates a continuous, healthy buying cycle for your business. Contact Us to learn how you can attract new prospects using the words and tools of happy customers.

Learn why prospects fail to convert

Finding out why new business proposals went awry can be a nightmare. Prospects are not comfortable directly telling you why your company was not selected. Marketing Sonar's position as an objective third party can prove extremely revealing in these cases.

Identify critical prospect terminology

The unique Target Market Language Study offered by Marketing Sonar identifies critical prospect terminology needed to effectively communicate with a new or existing market area. By speaking the language of prospects, you connect with them more quickly.

Contact Us to learn how our team can help improve the success of your new business proposals, better understand target audience and define prospect criteria, create effective buying cycle communications, or provide other efforts to target prospects.