Marketing Sonar logoWhat we call results are beginnings. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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The Initial Commitment Is Only the First Step

Then the work begins

Obtaining the first purchase order or contract is only the first step in a business relationship. It may convert prospects into customers, distributors or employees, but it does not guarantee loyalty or retention. Achieving that takes work.

At Marketing Sonar, we are committed to revealing what business people really think, and to improving business relationships and communications. We believe that business relationships are like courtships. Once the object of your desire—a customer, employee or distributor—says "I Will" to you, the real work must begin. Nurturing these relationships takes investment, but delivers the ultimate payout: growth and higher profits.

Retention is everything

An active retention program is critical to the health and growth of B2B companies. When your key contacts (customers, employees and distributors) are satisfied, you can count on them to commit to your relationship and invest even more.

At Marketing Sonar, our objective, third-party researchers and marketing consultants are trained in customer and organizational behavior, and response interpretation. We use our knowledge to find out what your target respondents really think about you, your offering and the marketplace. Our unique research programs provide hard data and a complete qualitative read on key satisfaction and improvement areas. With our recommendations, you can quickly act to keep and improve your valued relationships. And our services even help you improve the way you communicate with your target audiences.

Experience the difference strong relationships can make in your business. Contact Us to see how our Retention, Strategic Research and Strategic Communication programs can help your business.

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